About Designeers Midwest

Designeers Midwest was founded in 1966 to provide contract drafting services for manufacturing and design firms in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our recruiting and staffing methodology evolved over the years, increasing our success in matching candidates with in-demand skills and experience with employers throughout the tri-state area. Businesses have come to rely on us as a trusted source of top engineering, technical and professional candidates.

Our Mission

Provide excellence through service; maintaining our commitment to quality, while assisting our clients to attain a sustainable competitive advantage.

Greater success is within your reach. We’ll help you get there.

“During all our years in business, we have acted in accord with a simple philosophy. It is essential that our clients feel completely satisfied with our services. We believe achieving that level of performance brings with it prosperity for all. And our belief is borne out by experience.”

-James E. Masters, Founder